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Ye'ela Rosenfeld is fortunate to have an incredible job which both challenges and artistically fulfills them. Yet, none of what they do would be as meaningful without an audience to share it with. Stay up to date on all the latest news about the productions, events, and community work they are involved with by having a look at the articles below.

April 4th, 2019

Ye'ela launches her theatre company The Social Stage  with a rendition of Howard Zinn's Marx in Soho

From the reviews:

"Starring in Marx in Soho is Gera Hermann, who has worked with Rosenfeld before on her adaptation of Friedrich Dürenmatt’s The Physicists at Hollywood Fringe Festival. His execution of Marx’s eccentricities is uncanny, time seeming to cease as he speaks about his misunderstood theories and contemporaries such as Friedrich Engels. With the gravity-defying beard and hair a near mirror image to the scholar, Hermann’s inflections are rich and inquisitive. "


-L.A Canvas

"Director Ye’ela Rosenfeld succeeds in removing Marx from the pedestal and in stripping off the marble encasement to present the audience with a man who is first and foremost deeply moved by the suffering of those he sees about him, and who cannot understand how a society can ignore its citizens sleeping in the streets. "



March 16, 2018

Ye'ela directing Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit which opens at the Chromolume Theatre.

Read the review!!!

June 23, 2017

Just wrapped an 11 show run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival!! Here are some of the reviews:

"A wonderful show—sharp, thought-provoking, horrifying and funny at the same time for the same reasons. What a powerful piece of theatre, in which the emotions of the characters genuinely spill out into the audience like fog. It functions as a series of revelations, each more disturbing than the last, until we are left with a dark, terrible vision weirdly funny as it is heart-breaking."

"Fascinating play! Truly interesting, funny, and meaningful writing. It’s always fun to see a staging of something you’ve never even heard of before, especially when so adeptly presented."

"Loved the play. Exceptional performance. The acting was amazing, believable. Lots of great moments. The play itself was rich, thought provoking, with multiple meanings. Provides foundation for a wonderful discussion."

"What an amazing surprise! The cast was totally amazing, I felt part of the conversation….. Loved the musical trio! Well Done!"

"Come to this production with your tongue firmly rooted to your cheek as almost everything in this play takes a funny and sardonic look at what we humans have done to ourselves in the second half of the 20th century."





June 2017

July, 2017

While recovering from The Physicists' successful run, Ye'ela now embarks on a few writing endevours which include two  commissioned feature screenplays and negotiating a film adaptation of a famous play.

Stay Tuned!!!




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